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CryoCalm Relief Mask

CryoCalm Relief Mask

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Relieve Your Migraine In Minutes!

When a migraine strikes, finding relief becomes top priority. Our Migraine Relief Mask combines cooling therapy with gentle compression that helps to instantly alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and promote soothing relaxation. Reclaim control over your migraines with our simple, drug free solution. 

360° Cold Therapy: Specialized cooling gel provides targeted relief to the head, sinuses, temples, and lower neck.

Alleviate Migraine Pressure: Soft comfortable material gently compresses your head and alleviates pressure.

Obscures Light: Covers eyes and blocks unwanted light to help ease light sensitivity. 

Reduce Stress & Relax: Use before bed to relax your mind for a better night's sleep.

Comfortable and Easy to Use: Stretchable design fits snug over your head for quick relief. 

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